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This is the main page for Exam Review, and you can return to it anytime by clicking on the AP Government National Exam Review link on the list of links (NO PADDIES) to the left.  This page has links to all of the other parts of the Review Site.  I still have a few things to add, but you should have enough here to keep you busy.  There are Multiple Choice and Free Response Practice Questions for each Unit.  Click on the Other Resources  link below to access these.  Keep refreshing the pages because I will be making additions throughout the day.  The Resources Page is password protected.  Use the one I gave you.



  • 55 Mutiple Choice Questions - 1 Hour and 20 Minutes - 50%
  • 4 Free Response Questions - 1 Hour and 40 Minutes - 50%


Key Terms

Essential Questions

Foundational Documents

Required Court Cases

Amendments to the Constitution

Other Resources  - Link contains Notes, One Pagers, Study Questions, Videos, and Outlines from all Five Units.  You may also find the websites below useful.